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5.1 Managing Contacts and Groups

Adding a Contact


, or control-click a group and choose Add Contact to Group. The Contact dialog appears.



Contact Summary


Click to show the list of groups. Check each group this contact should belong to.

Primary Call

If the contact has more than one number, select the primary number. This number will be used with
single-click calling.

Primary Presence

This field appears only the contact has more than one Softphone number. The primary presence is
used as follows:

• The presence icon on the contact list shows the online status for this address.

• The single-click action for instant messaging uses this address.

You can still send IMs to this person at their other addresses, but you must right-click and choose
from the context menu.

Other Sections

Display Name (required)

The display name for this source of information.

First Name, Last Name


Contact Methods

Enter as many contact methods as you want.

Enter a person’s IM address by choosing Softphone as the type.


This field is automatically populated when you enter an address in the Softphone or Instant Message
field. It indicates that you are sharing online presence information using this address. The address is
also shown in the list in the Primary presence field, above.

The new number appears
in the list

To enter a phone number, select
the type, enter the number, and
click +