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Page 5: Standard telephone features, Enhanced features and functions

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X-Lite is a softphone from CounterPath that enables you to make VoIP voice and video calls, send and receive
instant messages, share online status (presence) information, and exchange files. X-Lite implements SIP-based
standards for phone calls, IM and presence, allowing you to work with different VoIP service providers. X-Lite
also uses XMPP-based standards for IM and presence.

Standard Telephone Features

The CounterPath X-Lite for Mac softphone has all standard telephone features, including:

Call display and Message Waiting Indicator (MWI).

Speakerphone and Mute.

Redial, Hold, Do Not Disturb.

Call history – list of received, missed, and dialed calls.

Auto answer.

Five-party audio conferencing.

Three-party video conferencing.

Enhanced Features and Functions

X-Lite also supports the following features and functions:


IM and presence using the SIP SIMPLE protocol or the XMPP protocol.

Contact list containing the individual user’s contacts

Automatic detection and configuration of audio and video devices.

Acoustic echo cancellation, automatic gain control, voice activity detection.

Support for DTMF (RFC 2833 or inband DTMF).

Support for the following audio codecs:

G.711aLaw, G.711uLaw, G.722, iLBC, OPUS, Speex, Speex Wideband.

Support for the following video codecs:

H.263, H.263+ 1998.

Automatic selection of the best codec based on the other party’s capability, the available bandwidth, and
network conditions. X-Lite switches the codec within a call in response to changing network conditions.

Compliance to 3261 SIP standard.

Support for these firewall traversal solutions: STUN, TURN, or ICE.