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Other X-Lite Features

4.1 Instant Messaging

Sending an IM


You can send an IM to a contact who has a softphone address.


Type the message. Include emoticons and formatting (Ctrl+B, Ctrl+I, Ctrl+U), as desired.

To insert a return in the message, press Ctrl+Enter. (You can control the behavior of Enter and of
Ctrl+Enter; see page 32.)


Click the Send icon or press Enter.

Receiving an IM

When an IM is received, either the Messages window or a notification pops up. (To control which window
appears, from the menu choose X-Lite > Preferences > Alerts & Sounds.)

From the Contacts tab

Control-click on the contact and choose Send IM. The contact must have a softphone

Or click on the IM icon that appears to the right of the contact name.

An active phone call

If the person is a contact, choose Send Instant Message from the call panel menu.

An active conference call

If the participant is a contact, choose Send Instant Message from the participant menu.

From the Messages window

Click the New Conversation icon beside the Search field and type a number or name.

Click to select more actions