Managing the conference – CounterPath X-Lite 4.6 for Mac User Guide User Manual

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Managing the Conference

Adding another Participant

If your conference currently has only one participant, you can add the other participant in any of these ways:

Control-click on a contact and choose Add to Conference Call.

In the conference call panel, click Invite to Conference Call and then click Add.

Add in a separate call that is not part of the conference call: In the call panel for the individual call, click the
down arrow and choose Merge Calls. This call is added to the conference call.

Send an Instant Message

Click the down arrow beside a participant name and choose Send Instant Message.

Removing a Participant

To remove one call from the conference, click the down arrow beside a participant name and choose Separate.
The call becomes a separate call.

Ending the Conference

To hang up on everyone, click the End button.

Suspending the Conference

To suspend the conference, click the Hold button. All participants are put on hold.

If you need to speak to one participant separately, put the conference on hold, separate the one participant from
the conference, take that person off hold. When done, merge the participant back into the call.

Participant menu

Mute. When you mute during a video call, you
may also want to click Stop Video to stop the
video feed.