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Preferences – Devices

X-Lite automatically detects devices at each startup, and selects the most appropriate device for each purpose. If
you do not like this selection, you can override it on this panel.

If you override a selection, it will apply the next time you start X-Lite, unless the device is no longer available,
in which case X-Lite will again select the device to use.



Zero touch device

Typically, leave on. When device configuration is on, if you change your audio or video device, X-
Lite will automatically detect the new device and start using it.

Automatic gain control

This feature is typically on.

Reduce background noise

Automatically attempts to remove background noise.

Typically on for the speakerphone.

Test Devices

For information on the Test Devices button, see “Troubleshooting” on page 48.

Headset Mode


Change these fields only if you want to override the devices that X-Lite automatically selected.

In both these fields, select the headset you are using.

The headset is the device that is usually used for the speaker (the sound you hear) and microphone
(recording your voice). The only situation in which the headset is not used is when the Speaker
Phone button on the dialpad is pressed.

Therefore, unless you will always be using X-Lite in speakerphone mode, you must make a
selection here.

Select the headset in both the Speaker device field and Microphone device field.

Speakerphone Mode



Same as headset mode, but for the device to use when speakerphone is one (on the toolbar).

Select None if you do not have a speaker phone. The Speaker Phone button on the dialpad will be

You can set different devices for the speaker and microphone: for example, you can set the speaker
to the speakerphone and set the microphone to your headset.

Reduce echo

Turning this feature on improves sound quality. This feature is typically on.

Other Devices

Ring on

The device where you want to hear the phone ringing.

Change this field only if you want to override the devices that X-Lite automatically selected.