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5.3 Sharing Online Status

You can publish your online status to contacts who have softphone address, and you can set up X-Lite to view
the online status of other contacts. Typical online statuses are available, on the phone, busy, and so on.

Sharing Online Status

Watching Others’ Status

If a contact has a SIP address in the Softphone field, X-Lite will automatically obtain status information for this

When you choose to share presence information, X-Lite sends the contact a notification request. The request
asks that you be able to see that person’s status. If the person allows this request, then the icon beside their name
(in your Contacts) becomes color coded to specify their status.

Allowing Other Parties to See your Status (Publishing your Status)

Continuing from above, when the other person allows the notification request, your name is added to their
contact list. As soon as you are added to their list, a request is sent back to you requesting that they be able to
see you. X-Lite accepts this request automatically, and the other person can now see your status.

Your online status

Online status of other people

This person is either logged out
or is not publishing their online

This person has no icon
because you are not
subscribing to their online