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X-Lite for Mac User Guide


You can:

Add addresses to the Contact list one by one. See page 21.

During a call that you place or receive, you can add the other party to your contact list. See “Handling an
Established Call” on page 13

For general information on contacts, see page 21.

2.3 Troubleshooting

X-Lite includes tools for helping you troubleshoot problems. From the menu, choose Help > Troubleshooting.

Audio tab: While you are on a phone call, you can test the quality of the audio. Note that to perform a valid
test, you should be on an established call (not a call attempt).

Video tab: You can verify that your camera is working.

Devices tab: You can verify that your microphone and speakers are working and can set the volume to a
comfortable level without having to actually place a phone call.