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2.2 Configuring X-Lite

Setting up Notifications

X-Lite uses OS notifications. Make sure that the notifications are set up for X-Lite in system preferences.
From the menu, click Apple logo > System Preferences > Notifications. In the notification center, choose X-
Lite. Choose Banner or Alerts for the alert style. For details on incoming call notifications, see page 15.

Setting up Accounts

After obtaining SIP account information from your VoIP service provider, you can set up X-Lite accounts.


From the menu bar, choose X-Lite > Preferences > Accounts. The Account list appears with one account
(the Mac Address Book account) enabled; see below.


Click the + button and choose New SIP Account. The SIP Account window opens.


In the General tab, complete the User Details area with the information obtained from your VoIP service


Complete the remaining tabs as specified by your service provider or to suit your setup. Settings that you
may need to change immediately include:

General tab, Domain Proxy area.

Topology tab, if your computer is on a network and/or behind a firewall.

For more information, see page 31.


Click OK; the account is enabled and registered; check the account list to make sure the account registers

Populating your Contact List

Typically, you will want to create contacts in order to easily make phone calls and send IMs.