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Economy settings


This product has an EconoMode option for printing drafts of documents. Using EconoMode can use less

toner and decrease the cost per page. However, using EconoMode can also reduce print quality.

HP does not recommend the full-time use of EconoMode. If EconoMode is used full-time, the toner

supply might outlast the mechanical parts in the print cartridge. If print quality begins to degrade under

these circumstances, you must install a new print cartridge, even if there is toner supply remaining in

the cartridge.

Enable or disable EconoMode in any of these ways:

In the Windows Printer Properties, open the Paper/Quality tab, and select the EconoMode


In the embedded Web server (HP LaserJet Professional P1600 printer series only), open the

Settings tab and select the PCL Settings option. Use the Settings drop-down list to select On

or Off.


Disabling EconoMode by using the embedded Web server only effects print jobs that

use the PCL 5 universal Printer Driver (available for download from the Web).

To deselect EconoMode for print jobs that use the printer driver that comes on the product CD, you

must deselect EconoMode in the printer driver.

In the HP Printer Utility for Macintosh, click Print Settings, and then click Economode &

Toner Density.

Auto-Off mode

Auto-Off is an energy-saving feature of this product. After a user-specified time period, the product

automatically reduces its power consumption (Auto-Off). The product returns to the ready state when a

button is pressed or a print job is received. When the product is in Auto-Off mode, all of the control-

panel LEDs and the power button backlight LED are off.


Although the product lights are off in Auto-Off mode, the product will work normally when it

receives a print job.

Wireless models do not support the Auto-On/Auto-Off mode. Sleep mode, with power consumption of

3.4W, is supported on wireless models.

Change the Auto-Off delay time

You can change how long the product remains idle (Auto-Off delay) before it enters Auto-Off mode.


The default Auto-Off delay setting is 5 minutes.


Open the printer properties, and then click the Device Settings tab.


Select the Auto-Off delay from the Auto-Off drop-down list.


Economy settings


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