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Manage supplies and accessories

Correctly using, storing, and monitoring the print cartridge can help ensure high-quality output.

Manage print cartridges

Print-cartridge storage

Do not remove the print cartridge from its package until you are ready to use it.


To prevent damage to the print cartridge, do not expose it to light for more than a few


HP policy on non-HP print cartridges

Hewlett-Packard Company cannot recommend the use of non-HP print cartridges, either new or



Any damage caused by a non-HP print cartridge is not covered under the HP warranty and

service agreements.

To install a new genuine HP print cartridge, see

Replace the print cartridge on page 63


HP fraud hotline and Web site

Call the HP fraud hotline (1-877-219-3183, toll-free in North America) or go to


when you install an HP print cartridge and the control-panel message says the cartridge

is non-HP. HP will help determine if the cartridge is genuine and take steps to resolve the problem.

Your print cartridge might not be a genuine HP print cartridge if you notice the following:

You are experiencing a high number of problems with the print cartridge.

The cartridge does not look like it usually does (for example, the orange pull tab is missing, or the

packaging differs from HP packaging).

Recycle supplies

To install a new HP print cartridge, follow the instructions that are included in the box that contains the

new supply, or see the getting started guide.

To recycle supplies, place the used supply in the box in which the new supply arrived. Use the enclosed

return label to send the used supply to HP for recycling. For complete information, see the recycling

guide that is included with each new HP supply item.


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