Misformed characters, Curl or wave, Page skew – HP Laserjet p1606dn User Manual

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Misformed characters

If characters are improperly formed, producing hollow
images, the media stock might be too slick. Try a
different media.

If characters are improperly formed, producing a wavy
effect, the product might need service. Print a
configuration page. If the characters are improperly
formed, contact an HP-authorized dealer or service

Page skew

Make sure that the media is loaded correctly and the
media guides are not too tight or too loose against the
media stack.

The input bin might be too full.

Check the media type and quality.

Curl or wave

Check the media type and quality. Both high temperature
and high humidity cause media to curl.

The media might have been in the input tray too long.
Turn over the stack of media in the tray. Also, try rotating
the media 180° in the input tray.

Place the product in quiet mode, and send the print job
again. See

Quiet mode settings on page 59


The fuser temperature might be too high. In your printer
driver, make sure the appropriate media type is selected.
If the problem persists, select a media type that uses a
lower fuser temperature, such as transparencies or light


Solve image-quality problems


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