Dropouts, Vertical lines, Gray background – HP Laserjet p1606dn User Manual

Page 109: Dropouts vertical lines gray background

background image


A single sheet of media might be defective. Try reprinting
the job.

The media moisture content is uneven or the media has
moist spots on its surface. Try printing with new media.

The media lot is bad. The manufacturing processes can
cause some areas to reject toner. Try a different type or
brand of media.

Place the product in quiet mode, and send the print job
again. See

Quiet mode settings on page 59


The print cartridge might be defective. Install a new
genuine HP print cartridge.

Vertical lines

The photosensitive drum inside the print cartridge has
probably been scratched. Install a new genuine HP print

Gray background

Change the media to a lighter basis weight.

Check the product's environment. Very dry (low humidity)
conditions can increase the amount of background

The density setting might be too high. Adjust the density

Install a new genuine HP print cartridge.


Solve image-quality problems


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