HP Laserjet p1606dn User Manual

Page 117

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Verify that the ping command is successful for other devices on the network (if not, a firewall might

be blocking the ping command).

Try opening the embedded Web server to verify that the computer is communicating with the



Have any software applications been added to the network?

Make sure they are compatible and that they are installed correctly with the correct printer drivers.


Are other users able to print?

The problem may be workstation-specific. Check the workstation network drivers, printer drivers,

and redirection (capture in Novell NetWare).


If other users are able to print, are they using the same network operating system?

Check your system for proper network operating system setup.


Is your protocol enabled?

Check the status of your protocol on the configuration page. You can also use the embedded Web

server to check the status of other protocols. See

Embedded Web server sections on page 56



Does the product appear in HP Web Jetadmin or other management application?

Verify network settings on the configuration page.

Confirm the network settings for the product using the product control panel (for products with

control panels).


Solve connectivity problems


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