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If the configuration page prints, check the following items.

a. If the page does not print correctly, the problem is with the product hardware. Contact

HP Customer Care.

b. If the page prints correctly, the product hardware is working. The problem is with the

computer that you are using, with the printer driver, or with the program.


Print a short document from a different program that has worked in the past. If this solution works,

the problem is with the program you are using. If this solution does not work (the document does

not print) complete these steps:

a. Try printing the job from another computer that has the product software installed.

b. If you connected the product to the network, connect the product directly to a computer with

a USB cable. Redirect the product to the correct port, or reinstall the software, and then select

the new connection type that you are using.


If the print quality is unacceptable, complete the following steps:

Verify that the print settings are correct for the media you are using. See

Change the

print driver to match the media type and size on page 34


Use the procedures in

Solve image-quality problems on page 96

to solve print-quality


Factors that affect product performance

Several factors affect the time it takes to print a job:

Maximum product speed, measured in pages per minute (ppm)

The use of special paper (such as transparencies, heavy paper, and custom-size paper)

Product processing and download time

The complexity and size of graphics

The speed of the computer that you are using

The USB connection

The product I/O configuration

The network operating system and configuration (if applicable)

Restore factory settings

To restore the product to the factory-default settings, follow these steps.


Turn the product off.


Turn the product on, and while it is initializing press and hold both control-panel buttons at the

same time until all the lights blink in unison.


Restore factory settings


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