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HP LaserJet print cartridge and supplies package. You help reduce the toll on the environment further

when you return multiple cartridges together rather than separately.

HP is committed to providing inventive, high-quality products and services that are environmentally

sound, from product design and manufacturing to distribution, customer use and recycling. When you

participate in the HP Planet Partners program, we ensure your HP LaserJet print cartridges are recycled

properly, processing them to recover plastics and metals for new products and diverting millions of tons

of waste from landfills. Since this cartridge is being recycled and used in new materials, it will not be

returned to you. Thank you for being environmentally responsible!


Use the return label to return original HP LaserJet print cartridges only. Please do not use this

label for HP inkjet cartridges, non-HP cartridges, refilled or remanufactured cartridges or warranty

returns. For information about recycling your HP inkjet cartridges please go to



Return and recycling instructions

United States and Puerto Rico

The enclosed label in the HP LaserJet toner cartridge box is for the return and recycling of one or more

HP LaserJet print cartridges after use. Please follow the applicable instructions below.

Multiple returns (more than one cartridge)


Package each HP LaserJet print cartridge in its original box and bag.


Tape the boxes together using strapping or packaging tape. The package can weigh up to 31 kg

(70 lb).


Use a single pre-paid shipping label.



Use your own suitable box, or request a free bulk collection box from


1-800-340-2445 (holds up to 31 kg (70 lb) of HP LaserJet print cartridges).


Use a single pre-paid shipping label.

Single returns


Package the HP LaserJet print cartridge in its original bag and box.


Place the shipping label on the front of the box.


For all HP LaserJet print cartridge recycling returns, give the package to UPS during your next delivery

or pickup, or take it to an authorized UPS drop-off center. For the location of your local UPS drop-off

center, call 1-800-PICKUPS or visit

. If you are returning via USPS label, give the

package to a U.S. Postal Service carrier or drop off at a U.S. Postal Service Office. For more

information, or to order additional labels or boxes for bulk returns, visit

or call

1-800-340-2445. Requested UPS pickup will be charged normal pickup rates. Information subject to

change without notice.


Appendix D Regulatory information


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