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Solve connectivity problems


Restore the factory default settings for the product. See

Restore factory settings on page 79

. If

the problem persists, try the solutions in this section.

Solve direct-connect problems

If you have connected the product directly to a computer, check the cable.

Verify that the cable is connected to the computer and to the product.

Verify that the cable is not longer than 2 meters (6 feet). Replace the cable if necessary.

Verify that the cable is working correctly by connecting it to another product. Replace the cable if


Solve network problems


Before performing the procedures in this section, restore the product factory-default settings.


Restore factory settings on page 79


Check the following items to verify that the product is communicating with the network. Before

beginning, print a configuration page. See

Print information pages on page 54



Are there any physical connection problems between the workstation or file server and the


Verify that the network cabling, connections, and router configurations are correct. Verify that the

network cable lengths meet network specifications.


Are your network cables connected properly?

Make sure that the product is attached to the network using the appropriate port and cable. Check

each cable connection to make sure it is secure and in the right place. If the problem continues, try

a different cable or ports on the hub or transceiver. The amber activity light and the green link

status light next to the port connection on the back of the product should be lit.


Are the link speed and duplex settings set correctly?

Hewlett-Packard recommends leaving this setting in automatic mode (the default setting).


Can you "ping" the product?

Use the command prompt to ping the product from your computer. For example:


Ensure that the ping displays round-trip times.

If you are able to ping the product, verify that the IP address configuration for the product is

correct on the computer. If it is correct, delete and then add the product again.

If the ping command failed, verify that the network hubs are on, and then verify that the network

settings, the product, and the computer are all configured for the same network.


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