Two Brothers Racing Suzuki Hayabusa User Manual

V.a.l.e, Juice box™ - fuel controller

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Two Brothers Racing

Juice Box™ - Fuel Controller

2008 Suzuki Hayabusa Installation & Operation Manual

Part # 008-193

Parts Incuded

Installation Instructions



Part Number


Juice Box™ Fuel Control Kit




Zip Ties


Adhesive Velcro Square


Oxygen Sensor Eliminator


V a r i a b l e a x i s l o c k i n g e x h a u s t


Route the ground lead to the engine ground at the bottom

of the engine compartment, below the fuel tank. (Fig 4)

Remove bolt from lower right side fairing and pull lower

right fairing gently out to expose the oxygen sensor

connector (Fig 5).

Disconnect the oxygen sensor connector and plug in

the oxygen sensor eliminator provided. Zip tie sensor

connector to the sensor harness. (Fig 6)

Start the bike. The green LED should scroll left to right and

back for about 3-5 seconds and then go to 1-2 steady or

slowly flashing green LED’s. If the number 1 green LED

and number 8 red LED’s continue flashing after startup

or idling, an injector wiring error is indicated. Re-check

the wires from the JUICE BOX™ and make sure they are

connected to the proper wire of your bike’s stock harness.

MAKE SURE you have the correct wires selected in

the stock harness. DO NOT PROCEED UNLESS ABOVE


Bike reassembly is opposite of disassembly.

NOTE: Re check your wire routing and JUICE BOX™

location and make certain that in no way the wires can

come into contact with any moving parts or high heat

source and that the JUICE BOX™ is mounted in a way as

to not cause a handling problem with the machine.









two brothers racing warrants that this product carries a warranty for 2 years from date of purchase against original

defects in materials and workmanship. should this product fail to perform for either of the above reasons, two brothers

racing will repair or replace it with an equivalent product at no charge, except for postage, to the original retail purchaser.

to obtain the benefits of this warranty, the retail purchaser must return the product and proof of purchase to the place of

original purchase.

We recommend that this performance part be installed by a qualified motorcycle
technician. If you have any doubts as to your ability to install this performance part,
please consult with your local motorcycle dealer. Read all instructions first before
starting installation. Make sure the vehicle and exhaust system are completely cool
before starting the installation. Also, make sure the vehicle is secure during installation.
Be sure to save all stock components for possible use later.

The Juice Box™ is legal ONLY for closed course race vehicles. The Juice Box™ is not
applicable, nor inteded for use on EMISSIONS CONTROLLED street, highway or off-road
vehicles. The Juice Box™ is not applicable, nor inteded for use on aircraft.

Thank you for purchasing a genuine Two Brothers Racing

JUICE BOX™. This product represents a radical step

forward in tuning fuel-injected motorcycles and ATVs for

optimal performance using “load-based” technology.

We at Two Brothers Racing hope that you will find this

development as exciting and useful as we do. And

remember: Proper Fuel = Maximum Power!

Make sure the vehicle is completely cool before starting

the installation. Also, make sure the vehicle is secure and

will not roll around.

Remove the passenger seat/cowl. Remove the 2 M5

screws on both sides of the rider seat and remove seat.

Remove the 2 M4 screws that secure the front of the

tank. Lift and prop up the fuel tank. (Fig 1)

Route the harness as shown on the left side. Mount the

JUICE BOX™ with the supplied Velcro. (Fig 2)

Locate the LOWER injector connectors. One at a time,

unplug the LOWER injector connectors and plug in the

JUICE BOX™ female and male connectors into the

injectors and OEM injector connectors that were just

disconnected. DO NOT connect the JUICE BOX™ to the

upper injectors. (Fig 3)






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