Programmable ignitions, Troubleshooting – Two Brothers Racing Dyna FS Ignition 1999- 2004 Honda TRX400EX User Manual

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The TRX400EX Dyna FS ignition is preprogrammed with 4 timing curves. The curves are selected by the curve selector
switch. Removing the switch will cause the ignition to default to the curve in position 4(labeled stock on the curve
switch) which is the stock timing curve.

Curve 4 is identical to the curve that came with the stock ignition module. Due to improved microprocessor control and
significantly higher spark energy, the performance of this curve will be enhanced. A quicker throttle response and
increased power over stock is still achieved with the stock ignition curve. This curve also has the rev limit set at
9200RPM, the same as the stock ignition box.

Curves 1-3 all have the rev limit set at 9600. Curves 1 and 2 have more advance than Curve 4 at low RPM, but have the
same final advance at higher RPM. These will give crisper acceleration than stock. Curve 3 is the same as Curve 4, but
with one less degree of timing. With less advance, it is safer to run than the stock curve, if you are having problems due to
bad fuel, or engine knock.

Use of this ignition may require rejetting of the carburetor to supply more fuel to maximize performance gains. If you are
unsure of this tuning process, the services of a competent mechanic should be employed. Using the ignition without
properly jetting the carburetor may result in a lean misfire condition at high RPMs. Do not operate the engine in a lean
condition for extended periods or damage may result.

This ignition allows the engine to rev to a higher RPM than what it has before. At these high RPMs, the performance
limits of other engine parts(exhausts for example) may be found. It may be necessary to replace these parts for best engine
performance. Consult with an engine builder for what works best for your engine.

Programmable ignitions

Programmable versions require a separately purchased programming kit to reprogram them. If the programmable ignition
was not purchased directly from Dynatek, the dealer may have programmed a custom set of ignition curves. The dealer
should be consulted with any questions regarding the curves that are programmed into the ignition.

The TRX400EX Dyna ignition comes with 2 extra wires: a brown wire, and a blue wire. These are unused with the stock
ignition. They can be set up to function as switches that turn on and off at certain RPMs to control additional electronics,
such as powerjets or nitrous systems. The use of these is covered in the instructions for the programming kit.


Troubleshooting the Dyna ignition is simple. If the bike will not start or run at all, reinstall the stock ignition. If this fixes
the problem, then check the battery. If the battery is good, then the Dyna ignition should be returned to Dynatek for
testing. If switching to the stock module does not fix the problem, then the problem is somewhere else on the bike. Follow
the troubleshooting procedures outlined in your owners manual.

If the bike runs, but poorly, put the stock ignition back on the bike. If this fixes the problem, reinstall the Dyna ignition.
If you are using non stock plug wires, plug cap, ignition coil, spark plug, or stator, replace them with OEM units. Then
follow the procedures in the calibration section to set the Dyna ignition up to work with your bike. If calibration doesn't
fix the problem, the ignition should be returned for testing. If the problem persists when using the stock ignition then the
problem is external to the Dyna ignition. Follow the test procedures outlined in your bike owners manual to pinpoint the

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