Two Brothers Racing Honda TRX400EX Dyna FS Ignition User Manual

Dyna fs ignition

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Dyna FS Ignition

2005 – 2008 Honda TRX400EX

Congratulations on your purchase of a Dyna ignition. Please take a moment to read these instructions completely before
installing the ignition. The installation will only take a few minutes, but proper setup for your specific quad will take

The Dyna FS ignition was designed to work best with stock coils, coil wires, plug caps, and spark plugs. The increase in
spark energy from using the Dyna FS ignition is enough so that adding any of these will not improve performance, and
can cause problems. Use resistor type spark plugs ONLY. Use the stock resistor style spark plug cap. The ignition also
requires the stock charging system for the battery. Upgraded electrical parts should work fine, but you cannot run a
battery-less system, the ignition requires the 12V from the stock charging system to operate properly.

Warning! For models equipped with reverse, the Dyna FS ignition removes the reverse rev

This kit includes: Dyna FS ignition, Curve Selector Switch, 2 tie wraps, and instruction sheet. This is a complete kit, and
includes everything needed to install the ignition.



Locate the stock ignition box, it is under the front plastic on the throttle side directly above the shock mount. It is
accessible from beneath without having to remove the stock bodywork. Aftermarket bodywork might have to be
removed. Slide the ignition up to remove it from the bracket.


Unplug the stock ignition, taking care not to damage the harness connectors. There is a small tab on the two
connectors that must be lifted to unplug them. Remove the rubber boot from the stock ignition. Keep the stock
ignition in a safe place - it may be required for troubleshooting.


Feed the wires from the Dyna ignition through the rubber boot, and bring them out of the hole in the end of the
boot. Once these are through, slide the Dyna ignition into the boot.


Locate the 4 wire connector on the front of the shock mounting crossmember. Lift the locking tab and unplug the
connector. Plug the matching connector from the Dyna into these connector halves.


Slide the Dyna ignition over the mounting bracket. Plug the curve switch into the connector on the Dyna


Mount curve switch in desired location. The wire length is long enough so that you can feed it up to the
handlebars. You may want to mount it so that it is easily accessible for initial tuning. Do not cut or lengthen the


Take the supplied tie wraps and secure the unused wires to the ignition housing, and to securely fasten down the
new wiring added to the connector on the front of the shock mount crossmember .



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