Two Brothers Racing Dynatek Coil Kit DCK7-5 Yamaha Grizzly 700EFI, 2007+ User Manual

Dynatek coil kit dck7-5

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Dynatek Coil Kit DCK7-5

Yamaha Grizzly 700EFI, 2007+

Congratulations on your purchase of a Dynatek Ignition Coil Kit. Please take a moment to read these instructions completely before
installing the ignition coils. The installation will take about 1 hour.

This kit includes: (1) Dynatek Ignition 3.0ohm Mini-Coil, single output

(2) M5 x 50mm bolts

(1) 10” Spark plug wire, 90° coil boot

(2) M5 Flat washers








(2) Coil spacers (aluminum)

This is a complete kit, and includes everything needed to install the ignition coils.

Note: The stock sparkplug boots will be reused in this application.

Note: Route all wires carefully. Secure wires in factory loops or use cable ties to ensure electrical wires do not chafe or touch anything
hot. Pay close attention to the wiring detail and wire crimping, successful installation depends on this.

Tools Required:

socket wrenches, screw drivers, wire cutter/stripper



Turn ignition key off. Remove seat and disconnect the battery ground wire. Right front fender removal is not necessary,
but it makes access to coil and spark plug easier.


Disconnect spark plug cap, unplug harness connectors wire, and remove coil mounting bolts.


Remove stock coil from bike.


Put long bolts thru split washer, flat washer, and Dyna coil. Then fasten Dyna coil to vehicle. Use aluminum spacers
between Dyna coil and frame. (see picture)


Red/Black wire with black plastic insulation connects to the coil terminal (with red dot).


Orange wire connects to Orange adaptor wire, then to the coil terminal (without red dot).


Hold the stock sparkplug wire near the cap and unscrew the cap counterclockwise. Trim 10” Dynatek sparkplug wire
shorter if required. Press in and screw the stock sparkplug cap onto the Dynatek sparkplug wire. Screw in clockwise
until it is bottomed out. (lube wire for easier screw on) Press cap onto spark plug. Plug the 90° sparkplug wire boot onto
the coil output. Push the rubber boot onto the coil tower to eliminate any gap, as this is a potential source of high-voltage


Check that Dyna coil bolts are tight. (Medium strength thread lock is recommended). Check that all wires are routed
securely, and away from exhaust. Connect the battery. Replace fender/engine covers, and seat.


Turn ignition key on. Start the engine. Installation is complete!



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