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Mfg: Honda Make: XR50R
Year: All
Product: Clutch Kit (Part # 010-3-01-2632)

Care & Cleaning
Keep system free of dirt and moisture. Store in a cool, dry place. For cleaning use a mild spray cleaner. Always
apply cleaner or polish with a soft, clean cloth.
Stainless Header System: Polished stainless steel pipes will turn a light golden hue after a few heat cycles, this is
a normal characteristic of high quality stainless steel.
Chrome Header System: Chromed header tubing will turn blue close to the exhaust ports, this is normal. To pre-
vent corrosion you must keep the header pipes clean.
Carbon Fiber & X-Metal Mufflers: X-Metal CF canisters will shift color from their original silver color to an amber
color after a few heat cycles, similar to the way our stainless steel headers shift color. Always make sure the fiber-
glass packing inside is in good condition and not burned out, as exhaust heat inside an empty canister will deterio-
rate the Carbon Fiber / X-Metal CF sleeve. TBR sells repack kits (TBR part # 005-10038) that include new rivets
and repack material as well as a drill bit (#30), making it easy to do yourself. Also, NEVER dyno test your bike with
carbon fiber mufflers installed - the intense heat and lack of cooling air can quickly cause the CF material to burn.
Two Brothers Racing does not provide a warranty for burned carbon fiber.
Aluminum Mufflers: Use an aluminum or mag wheel polish such as Mother’s to restore the bright finish to factory
Two Brothers Racing products are intended for closed course competition purposes only, and therefore are sold “as
is” without warranty. Two Brothers Racing specifically disclaims any warranties of merchantability or fitness for a
particular purpose and disclaims all responsibility for consequential and incidental damages or any other losses
arising from the use of these products or parts.

1. After the transmission (3 or 5 speed) has been installed

you are ready to install the clutch.

2. Make sure that the crankshaft spacer is installed over the

crankshaft as shown. If you installed a stroke up kit and
replaced the crank, the crankshaft spacer is probably still
on the stock crank. Remove it and slide it over the crank-
shaft as shown along with the primary gear as shown.

3. Install in order as shown:

1. Lock Washer
2. Conical Spring Washer
3. Clutch Bearing

4. Tighten the clutch bearing to 29 ft. lbs.

5. Using a hammer and a punch, gently fold over one of

the tabs on the lock washer into the clutch bearing slot.

XR50R Clutch Instructions.qxd Page 1

Installation Instructions

Care & Cleaning / Warranty

- Takegawa Rotor Holder (# 010-9-01-05) or equivalent
- Takegawa Clutch Locknut Wrench (# 010-9-01-021) or equivalent

Required Special Tools

Primary Gear

Crankshaft Spacer

(OEM XR50 Part)