Two Brothers Racing Heavy Duty Clutch Springs for Honda XR50 (Set of 4) User Manual

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Heavy Duty Clutch Springs for Honda XR50 (Set of 4)

Part # 010-3-04

Two Brothers Racing products are intended for closed course competition purposes only, and therefore are sold
“as is” without warranty. Two Brothers Racing specifically disclaims any warranties of merchantability or fitness for
a particular purpose and disclaims all responsibility for consequential and incidental damages or any other losses
arising from the use of these products or parts.

1. Make sure the bike is completely cool before starting the


2. Drain engine oil. Remove footpeg bar. Remove kickstarter.

Remove rear brake pedal. Remove the right side cover.

3. Remove the ball retainer and spring. Remove the clutch

lifter lever.

Remove the oil through and spring. Remove the clutch
lifter cam plate.

4. Remove the four bolts holding the clutch plate. Under this

plate is the clutch locknut. Peel back the tab(s) on the lock
washer. Remove this nut using either a Honda clutch lock-
nut wrench or the Takegawa clutch locknut wrench (Part #
010-9-01-021, $26.98 MSRP). A flywheel holder tool may
help to remove this part.

5. Remove the lock washer B, 14mm lock washer and clutch


6. Remove the following items from the clutch assembly:

- Clutch Set Ring
- Clutch Plate B
- Clutch Disc A
- Clutch Disc B
- Clutch Disc A
- Free Springs (set of 4)
- Clutch Plate A

Next remove the clutch center and drive gear outer.

7. Remove the four phillips head screws and washers (photo

A). Please not the once removed the four damper springs
will drop down (photo B). Turn clutch assembly over and
remove drive plate assembly and clutch springs (photo C).

8. Install new heavy duty clutch springs onto drive plate

assembly. Reinstall drive plate assembly/heavy duty clutch
springs into clutch outer assembly.

9. Reinstall the four phillips head screws and washers.

Tighten in a crisscross pattern in 2-3 steps. Torque screws
to 4.3 lbs-ft. (6 Nm)

10. Reinstall damper springs (set of 4). Seat springs into

spring seating hole, then use a flat head screwdriver to
compress the springs and fit them onto the tabs.


Installation Instructions

Care & Cleaning / Warranty

XR50 Clutch Springs Instructions.qxd

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photo A

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We recommend that this performance accessory be installed by a quali-
fied motorcycle technician. If you have any doubts as to your ability to
install this performance accessory, please consult with your local motor-
cycle dealer. Read all instructions first before starting installation. Make
sure the motorcycle and exhaust system are completely cool before start-
ing the installation. Also, make sure the bike is secure on the sidestand or
ideally a rear service stand during installation. Be sure to save all stock
components for possible use later.