Configuring the snmp management station – Cisco 1503 User Manual

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Configuring the Hub

Cisco Micro Hub User Guide


Step 3

Use the ip trap-manager command to configure the IP address of the SNMP
management station:

Hub# ip trap-manager 1

Basic IP and SNMP configuration is now complete. To return to guest mode, enter exit.
Enter exit a second time to close the current terminal session:

Hub# exit

Hub> exit


Configuring the SNMP Management Station

Make sure that the SNMP management station receives traps from the Micro Hub 1503
(and any Micro Hubs connected to it in a stack) by configuring the management station as

Make sure the management station has entries for all the Micro Hubs in the stack.

The entries for the Micro Hubs should have Get Community and Set Community
configured as private.

The management station should be able to read SNMP information from the
Micro Hubs, such as port status and traffic counts.

The management station should be able to control and manage the Micro Hubs,
including enabling and disabling ports and changing contact information.