Ip parameter commands, Management configuration commands – Cisco 1503 User Manual

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Using Your Hub Software 3-29

Management Configuration Commands

Management Configuration Commands

Use the commands in this section to configure community strings and trap managers, which
are required when using SNMP.

IP Parameter Commands

Use the commands in this section to configure the Micro Hub 1503 with IP parameters. The
hub must be configured with IP parameters to use SNMP, Telnet, and TFTP functions.

show ip configuration


show ip configuration




Shows the current configuration for IP, as shown below:

Hub> show ip configuration

IP address:

Subnet mask :

Gateway IP:

Command Display Definitions

• IP address—Hub’s IP address.

• Subnet mask—Hub’s subnet mask (the host address bits used for routing

traffic to the subnet).

• Gateway IP—Gateway used to pass trap messages from the hub to the

management stations, for example, the IP address of a router on the same
LAN as the hub.