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Preparing for Configuration

Cisco Micro Hub User Guide


Connection Using Telnet

If the hub is correctly connected to a network, you can access the hub by using Telnet from
anywhere on that network and can use the configuration program to communicate with the
hub. Before making a Telnet connection to the hub, you must configure the hub with a valid
IP address, subnet mask, and default gateway using the configuration program.

Configuration Using a PC

If you are configuring the hub with a PC (not a dumb terminal), you need a type of
communication software called terminal emulation software to send commands to the hub.

Table 3-1

Common Terminal Emulation Software Programs

Terminal emulation software has changeable settings. To enable your PC to communicate
to the hub, specify the port used by your PC (for example, COM 1), and then configure the
software settings to the following:

Terminal emulation type: ANSI

Baud: 9600

Data bit: 8

Parity: None

Stop bits: 1

Flow control: None

PC Operating System


Windows 3.x or
Windows NT 3.5x

Terminal (included with the Windows software)

Windows 95 or
Windows NT 4.x

HyperTerm (included with the Windows software)


ProComm, VersaTerm, ZTerm (supplied separately)