Forgot your password – Cisco 1503 User Manual

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Using Your Hub Software 3-5

Forgot Your Password?



field can contain from 0 to 80 uppercase and lowercase alphanumeric

characters. Spaces are not allowed. The first character cannot be a number. Passwords are
case sensitive.

An example of a valid password is



Forgot Your Password?

If you forget the password that provides access to administrator-level commands or if you
forget the password required for Telnet sessions, you can bypass the password requirement
and set a new password. You must be connected to the hub through the CONSOLE port to
perform these steps.

Take the following steps:

Step 1

Turn the hub OFF, and wait 60 seconds before going to Step 2.

Step 2

Turn the hub ON, and wait while the following messages are displayed on the

Starting the system...

Boot option : bootp get ip

Enter BOOTP phase, wait or press Ctrl-C to break...


Bootup Error: Timeout, no response from BOOTP server.

Press RETURN to start a new session

Step 3

Press Ctrl-C.

Step 4

When the following prompt appears, enter a new administrator password:

New administrator password: <new_password>

Step 5

When the following prompt appears, re-enter the new password:

Confirm administrator password: <new_password>

Step 6

You are then prompted to enter and confirm a new Telnet session password, as

New telnet-session password: <new_telnet-session_password>

Confirm telnet-session password: <new_telnet-session_password>