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Configuring the Hub

Cisco Micro Hub User Guide


Configuring the hub takes place in three major steps:


Entering Administrator Mode


Configuring IP and SNMP Parameters


Configuring the SNMP Management Station

All of the commands used in the configuration steps are fully explained in the section
“Command Summary” later in this chapter.

Entering Administrator Mode

Step 1

Connect a console by following the instructions in the section “Connecting the
in the chapter “Installing Your Hub” or start a Telnet session
with the hub.

Step 2

Turn the hub ON by setting the power switch to the ON ( | ) position.

Step 3

After a few seconds, you will see the user prompt. Use the enable command to
enter administrator mode:

Hub> enable

Step 4

After entering the command, you will be prompted to enter the administrator
password. If the administrator password has not been set, you can enter
administrator mode by pressing the Return key, as shown below:

Hub> enable

Password: <Return>



If the administrator password has not been set, you should set it following

the steps in the section “Setting the Administrator Password” earlier in this
chapter. Record the password in a secure location.

The pound sign (#) after the prompt indicates that you are in administrator mode
and can enter the commands to configure the hub for IP and SNMP parameters.