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Using Your Hub Software 3-39

Statistics Commands

Statistics Commands

Use the commands in this section to display statistics for a stack, a specific hub in a stack,
or a specific port in a stack since a restart or since the counter was last cleared.

show system statistics


show system statistics




Displays statistics for the entire stack.

Statistics are displayed in the following format:

Hub> show system statistics

Frames: 9755

Bytes: 78040

Collisions: 671

Alignment errors: 45

CRC errors: 33

Total errors: 867

Command Display Definitions

• Frames—Number of frames (packets) passing through the hub.

• Bytes—Number of bytes passing through the hub.

• Collisions—Number of times that network devices attached to any one of the

hubs in the stack have attempted to send data simultaneously.

• Alignment errors—Number of mis-synchronized data packets.

• CRC errors—Number of cyclic redundancy check (CRC) errors.

• Total errors—Total number of errors of the following types: frame control

sequence, alignment, frames-too-long, short events, late events, jabber, and
data rate mismatches.