Cisco 1503 User Manual

Page 43

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Using Your Hub Software 3-43

Statistics Commands

clear counters


clear counters {stack | hub [hub id] | port [hub id] [port id] }




Clears all accrued statistics for the specified stack, hub, or port, or a
combination of these.

Command Keyword Definitions

stack—Clears statistics for all ports on all hubs in the stack.

hub—Clears statistic for the specified hub. If no hub is specified, statistics

are cleared for all hubs in the stack.

port—Clears statistics for the specified port on the specified hub. If no port

is specified, statistic are cleared for all ports in the stack.

hub id—(Optional) Number used to identify the hub in a stack. An integer

between 1 and 5. Read the section “Hub ID Numbers” earlier in this chapter
for information about how to determine hub ID numbers.

port id—(Optional) Port number that is shown on the rear panel of the hub.

A value from 1 to 8.