Cisco 1503 User Manual

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Command Summary

Cisco Micro Hub User Guide


show management information


show management information




Displays information about the network management hub as follows:

Hub> show management information

Hub id: 1

H/W version : 1.

F/W version: 1.01

Bootup option : normal

Physical address: 00-00-12-34-56-78

Command Display Definitions

• Hub id—Number used to identify the hub in a stack. An integer between 1

and 5. Read the section “Hub ID Numbers” earlier in this chapter for
information about how to determine hub ID numbers.

• H/W version—Hardware version of the hub.

• F/W version—Firmware version of the hub.

• Bootup option—Bootup option configured with the bootup-option

command as described in the section “Bootup Option Commands” earlier in
this chapter.

• Physical address—Hardware address (also called the MAC address or the

Ethernet address) of the hub. This address is assigned by the device’s
manufacturer and usually appears somewhere on the device itself.