Cisco 1503 User Manual

Page 42

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Command Summary

Cisco Micro Hub User Guide


• Frames too long—Number of times that the frame length has exceeded the

maximum allowable size (1518 bytes).

• Short events—Number of short packet fragments.

• Runts—Number of fragments that were too long to qualify as short events.

• Collisions—Number of times network devices attached to the stack have

attempted to transmit data simultaneously.

• Late events—Number of frames that experienced a collision late in


• Data rate mismatches—Number of frames for which the data rate does not

match the local frequency.

• Auto partition—Number of times this port has been automatically

partitioned due to a network loop.

• Total errors—Total number of errors, including the following types: frame

control sequence, alignment, frames too long, short events, late events,
jabber, and data rate mismatches.

• LSA changes—Number of times the source address has changed.

• Last source address—Last source address that passed through this port.