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Shutter Speed/Mode Selector Dial S

The Nikon FE2 offers aperture-priority automatic mode oper­

ation and manual control of all shutter speeds from 8 to 1/4000
sec., including the M250 (mechanically controlled—1/250 sec.)
and B (bulb) settings. To set the desired shooting mode or
shutter speed, rotate the shutter speed/mode selector dial

until the desired setting click-stops opposite the shutter speed/
mode index. At the A setting, a locking mechanism is provided

to prevent accidental shifting of the setting. To rotate the dial

from the A setting, depress the lock button ® provided. Note

that shutter speeds between engraved numbers (i.e., inter­

mediate speeds) cannot be used. Since you can see the shutter
speed in use inside the viewfinder, it’s not necessary to look at

the shutter speed dial as you turn it. The dial has the following


A (Auto):

Used for aperture-priority automatic mode shooting. You

manually set the f/stop first; then the camera automatically
selects the matching electronically controlled shutter speed
steplessly between 8 and 1/4000 sec., depending on the scene
brightness and the film speed in use.

1/4000—8 sec. (Manual):

Used for full manual control of both f/stop and shutter speed.

All sixteen speeds indicated on the dial are available with timing
accuracy assured by a quartz oscillator. Yellow numbers on the
dial indicate actual shutter speeds, while white ones are reci­

procals, i.e., 2 means 1/2 sec., and 4000 means 1/4000 sec. The

250 is indicated with red which means the fastest sync speed

for an electronic flash unit. A one-stop change will either halve

or double the exposure; e.g., a shutter speed of 1/125 sec. lets
in twice as much light as a setting of 1/250 sec. and half as
much light as 1/60 sec.


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