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EV Range of the Camera

The camera’s meter may be used only within the shutter speed

range covered by the exposure value (EV) range of the meter,

which varies with the aperture and ASA/ISO setting.

The chart on page 31 shows the relationships between the f/stop,

shutter speed and film speed, indicating the usable functioning
shutter speed (for metering purposes) with any film speed/
aperture combination.

Careful attention to the following instructions will assure precise

exposure, automatically, over the complete exposure control
and meter range capabilities of your Nikon FE2.

What is EV?

Exposure value (EV) is a number representing the available

combinations of shutter speed and aperture that give the same
exposure effect when the scene brightness and ASA/ISO

remain the same.

At ASA/ISO 100, a shutter speed of one second at f/1.4 is
defined as EV 1. If the aperture is stopped down by one full
f/stop or the shutter speed is one step faster, the EV increases

by one; if the aperture is opened up by one full f/stop or the
shutter speed is one step slower, EV decreases by one. Using

ASA/ISO 100 as an example, 1 sec. at f/2 is EV 2, 1 sec. at
f/5.6 is EV 5, while 1/125 sec. at f/5.6 is EV 12. As the exposure

is the same, 1/30 sec. at f/11 and 1/1000 sec. at f/2 are also

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