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Automatic exposure photography
aperture priority shooting

With the FE2 set at A, you select the f/stop and the electronically
controlled nnetering circuit matches it with the correct stepless
shutter speed. The A mode is especially useful, because it
allows you to control depth of field while using the camera on
automatic to assure perfect exposure. Deeper depth of field
(or a greater zone of sharp focus in front of and behind the main

subject) is achieved as you stop down the lens to smaller aper­
tures (indicated by numerically larger f-numbers). Shallower
depth of field (where the focus is restricted to the main subject)

results when larger apertures are used. (Refer to page 38 for

more information.)

Shooting on auto

1) Set the shutter speed/mode selector dial at A.

2) Set the desired f/stop on the lens.
3) Look through the viewfinder and place the main subject in the

center of the frame.

4) Pull out the film advance lever and depress the shutter re­

lease button halfway.

5) Confirm the position of the meter needle. If the shutter speed

is above 1/30 sec., but not over 1/4000 sec., depress the

shutter release button all the way. The correct exposure will
be obtained.

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