M250 (mechanical—1/250 sec.), Exposure metering system – Nikon fe2 User Manual

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A (Auto)



M250 (Mechanical—1/250 sec.):

At this setting, the shutter operates mechanically at 1/250 sec.;
this is used when the battery is exhausted and other shutter
speed modes are not operable.


At this mechanical setting, the shutter curtains tl+j remain open
as long as you depress the shutter release button. B is es­

pecially useful for making long time exposures with a cable

release and a tripod.

Exposure metering system

The Nikon FE2 employs a through-the-lens (TTL) center-
weighted full aperture exposure metering system which meas­

ures the light passing through the lens at maximum aperture,

thus assuring a bright finder image during shooting. Exposure

measurement emphasis is placed especially on the brightness
in the 12mm dia. central area, although the meter reads the light

over the entire focusing screen. Correct exposure is assured
when the main subject is placed in this central area.

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