Reverse operation button – SINGER 8768 HERITAGE User Manual

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* Reverse stitch function for straight and zigzag stitches ( )

Reverse sewing is carried out while the reverse stitch button

is pushed.

The machine will continue to sew in reverse as long as the

reverse stitch button is pressed.

* Tacking stitch function for tie-off of other stitches ( )

The sewing machine makes 4 tiny tacking stitches to tie

off the sewing on all patterns except straight and zigzag

stitches. The position of the tacking stitches will be at the

exact spot in the pattern where the reverse/tacking stitch

button is pushed.

NOTE: This function is very useful for tying off the
sewing pattern to avoid raveling at the start and end
of sewing.

Reverse stitch button
Bouton du point de marche

Interruptor de puntadas

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Dual purpose reverse/tacking stitch button