Helpful messages, System error – SINGER 8768 HERITAGE User Manual

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Messages are displayed with LED lamps above the stitch selection panel on the machine.

When a message is displayed, you may fix the problem by following the correction suggestion most suited to your issue.

The corrections are preceded by an arrow. 


All system error corrections are as follows.

Turn off and on the power switch to eliminate the problem that caused the system error to occur.

If the error number should not disappear, consult an authorized technician.

Helpful message

on control panel



1. The bobbin winder shaft is in the incorrect position for the function you have selected.

Position the bobbin winder shaft to the left position for sewing and to the right position for

bobbin winding.

2. The reverse button is pressed during bobbin winding.

Do not press reverse button during bobbin winding.

1. Buttonhole stitch is selected on the stich control panel; however the buttonhole lever is not

in the correct position.

Lower buttonhole lever and begin sewing the buttonhole.

2. A stitch pattern is selected; however the buttonhole lever is engaged (lower position).

Raise buttonhole lever and begin sewing.

3. The buttonhole lever is in an incorrect starting position.

Lower the buttonhole lever so that it drops down vertically between the stoppers. See page

46 for details.

1. Something other than foot control is detected in the machine socket for the foot control.

Remove foreign particle from socket.

2. Foot control is connected or disconnected.

This is not an error message. It only indicates the connection or disconnection of the foot

control and the C3 message will disappear in a few seconds. No correction is needed.

1. Machine does not operate due to thread tangles in bobbin case or jamed fabric.

Turn off power switch and eliminate the problem that caused the machine to stop.

1. The stitch pattern selected, does not operate when the reverse/tacking stitch is pushed.

Select a stitch pattern that can be operated in the reverse/tacking stitch mode.

1. The top thread has broken.

Lift presser foot lifter. Pull to remove top thread from machine and rethread.

1. The foot controller was pushed down to start sewing before the presser foot was lowered.

Lower presser foot and begin sewing.

Misfunction of main shaft motor.

Abnormal signal from bobbin winder shaft.

Abnormal signal from cam sensors.

Reverse stitch button is engaged, when the power is tuned on.