KEYENCE DL-EP1 User Manual

Dl-ep1, Instruction manual, Ethernet/ip compatible network unit

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EtherNet/IP Compatible Network Unit


Instruction Manual

Read this manual before use.
Keep this manual in a safe place for future reference.



The following symbols alert you to matters concerning the prevention of injury and product

The listed system names and product names, etc., are the trademarks or registered trademarks
of the respect companies.


General Precautions

• Before and while operating this product, confirm that it provides its functions and performance


• Implement sufficient safety measures to prevent human and physical damages in case this

product fails.

• Be aware that the product functions and performance are not warranted if the product is used

outside the range of stated specifications or is modified by the customer.

• Combining this product with other equipment requires sufficient consideration because the

proper functions and performance may not be provided depending on the environment.

• Do not use this product for the purpose to protect a human body or a part of human body.
• This product is not intended for use as explosion-proof product. Do not use this product in

hazardous location and/or potentially explosive atmosphere.

• Do not expose equipment, including peripherals, to rapid temperature changes. Equipment

failure may result from condensation build up.


Equipment Environment

For safe, trouble-free operation of this product, the product must not be installed in the following
• Humid, dusty, or poorly ventilated.
• Exposed to direct sunlight or heating source.
• Exposed to corrosive or flammable gases.
• Exposed directly to vibration or shock.
• Exposed to water, oil, or chemical splashes.
• Exposed to static electricity.


Noise Protection

If this product is installed in a location near a noise source, e.g, power source or high-voltage
line, it may malfunction or fail. Use protective measures, such as using a noise filter or running
the cables separately.


About the Power Supply

• Noise superimposed on the power supply may result in malfunction. Use a stabilized DC

power supply configured with an isolation transformer.

• When using a commercially available switching regulator, be sure to ground the frame ground



UL Certification

This product is an UL/C-UL Listed product.
• UL File No. E207185
• Category NRAQ, NRAQ7

Be sure to consider the following specifications when using this product as an UL/C-UL Listed
• Use this product under pollution degree 2.
• This product is an open type device. Therefore, it must be installed in an enclosure with IP 54

or higher. (e.g. Industrial control panel)


CE Marking

Keyence Corporation has confirmed that this product complies with the essential requirements
of the applicable EC Directive, based on the following specifications.
Be sure to consider the following specifications when using this product in the Member State of
European Union.


EMC Directive

EMI : EN55011, Class A
EMS : EN61000-6-2
• Use a STP (shielded twisted pair) cable for connection to the network.

These specifications do not give any guarantee that the end-product with this product incor-
porated complies with the essential requirements of EMC Directive. The manufacturer of
the end-product is solely responsible for the compliance on the end-product itself according
to EMC Directive.

The DL-EP1 is an EtherNet/IP compatible adaptor which can read and write the data from the
connected sensor amplifier from a PLC (programmable controller) or PC (personal computer).
• The DL-EP1 supports cyclic communication. Data can be exchanged without a ladder pro-


• The DL-EP1 also supports UCMM and Class 3 (explicit message communication). The sen-

sor amplifier settings and status can be read and written at a random timing, and motion com-
mands can be issued to the sensor amplifier.

The DL-EP1 can connect a maximum of 15 sensor amplifiers (main units and expansion units)
which support D-bus. ("D-bus" is the name of KEYENCE's wiring-saving system for sensor
Different types of sensor amplifiers with D-bus support can be connected to a single DL-EP1

The number of connectable units, and a mixed environment of different models, depend on the
particular sensor amplifiers or units. Refer to the “DL-EP1 User’s Manual”.

Before using the DL-EP1, make sure that the following equipment and accessories are included
in the package.
We have thoroughly inspected the package contents before shipment. However, in the event of
defective or broken items, contact your nearest KEYENCE office.


Package contents


List of Optional Parts)

It indicates a hazardous situation which, if not avoided, will result in

death or serious injury.

It indicates a hazardous situation which, if not avoided, could result in

death or serious injury.

It indicates a hazardous situation which, if not avoided, could result in

minor or moderate injury.

It indicates a situation which, if not avoided, could result in product

damage as well as property damage.

It indicates cautions and limitations that must be followed during


It indicates additional information on proper operation.

It indicates tips for better understanding or useful information.

Safety Precautions

Precautions for Use

• To avoid injury or failure, turn off the power immediately in the fol-

lowing cases.

- Water or foreign matter entered the main unit.

- The case is broken, for example if it is dropped.

- Smoke or unusual smell is emitted from the product.

• Use the correct power voltage. Failure to observe may result in

injury, or failure.

• Do not disassemble or modify this product. Failure to observe may

result in injury.

Do not turn off the power while you are setting any item.

Doing this may cause loss of data settings.










Precautions on Regulations and Standards


Types and Number of Connectable Sensor Amplifi

Checking the Package Contents

• DL-EP1 main unit x1

• Expansion connector sticker x1

• End unit x2

• Instruction manual x1

• STP (shielded twisted-pair) cable

(Category 5e, straight)

- OP-51504 (0.2m)

- OP-51505 (0.5m)

- OP-51506 (1m)

- OP-51507 (3m)

- OP-51508 (5m)

* The working ambient temperature of the above cable is 0 to 50 °C.