Shooting function settings – Canon EOS 60D User Manual

Page 156

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During Live View shooting, you can press the <f>, <R>, or <i>
button to display the respective setting screen on the LCD monitor, and
press the <U> key to set the function.

With the LCD monitor displaying an image, pressing the <Q> button will
display the settable functions. In Basic Zone modes, you can change the AF
mode and the settings listed on page 67. In Creative Zone modes, you can
set the AF mode, drive mode, white balance, Picture Style, Auto Lighting
Optimizer, image-recording quality, and flash exposure compensation.


Press the <Q> button.


The settable functions will be
highlighted in blue.

When <f> is selected, the AF
points will also be displayed.


Select a function and set it.

Press the <V> key to select a


The setting of the selected function is
displayed at the bottom.

Turn the <5> or <6> dial to change
the setting. If you press <0>, the
setting screen of the respective function
is displayed (except for the AF point).

Shooting Function Settings


/ R / i Settings

Q Quick Control

The metering mode will be fixed to evaluative metering for Live View shooting.

In Creative Zone modes, you can check the depth of field by pressing the
depth-of-field preview button.

During continuous shooting, the exposure set for the first shot will also
be applied to subsequent shots.

You can also use a remote controller (sold separately, p.126) for Live
View shooting.