Canon EOS 60D User Manual

Page 286

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Troubleshooting Guide

If you shoot at night when the background is dark, the shutter speed
becomes slow automatically (slow-sync shooting) so that both the
subject and background are properly exposed. If you do not want a
slow shutter speed to be set, set [8C.Fn I -7: Flash sync. speed in
Av mode
] to 1 or 2 (p.253).

If you shoot continuously with the built-in flash at short intervals, the
flash might stop operating to protect the flash unit.

If flash exposure compensation has already been set with the
Speedlite, flash exposure compensation cannot be set with the
camera. When the Speedlite’s flash exposure compensation is
canceled (set to 0), flash exposure compensation can be set with the

Set [8C.Fn I -7: Flash sync. speed in Av mode] to [0: Auto]

If you use a non-Canon flash with Live View shooting, set the [z
Silent shoot.] menu option to [Disable] (p.159).

The built-in flash’s pop-up mechanism moves slightly. This is normal.

When I use the <f> mode with flash, the shutter speed
becomes slow.

The built-in flash does not fire.

Flash exposure compensation cannot be set.

High-speed sync cannot be set in the Av mode.

The external flash does not fire.

The camera makes a noise when it is shaken.