Canon EOS 60D User Manual

Page 270

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Checking the Battery Information

Affixing a serial No. label onto all the registered Battery Pack LP-E6’s
makes it convenient.


Write the serial No. on a label.

Write the serial No. displayed on the
battery history screen on a label
approx. 25 mm x 15 mm / 1.0 in. x 0.6
in. in size.


Take out the battery and affix the

Set the power switch to <2>.

Open the battery compartment cover
and remove the battery.

Affix the label as shown (side with no
electrical contacts) in the illustration.

Repeat this procedure for all of your
battery packs so you can easily see
the serial No.

Labeling the Serial No. on the Battery

Serial No.


Do not affix the label on any part other than as shown in the illustration in
step 2. Otherwise, the misplaced label might make it difficult to insert the
battery or impossible to turn on the camera.

If you use Battery Grip BG-E9, the label might peel off as you repeatedly
load and remove the battery pack. If it peels off, affix a new label.