Shooting-related problems – Canon EOS 60D User Manual

Page 284

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Troubleshooting Guide

If the power is turned off while an image is being recorded to the card,
the access lamp will still continue to light/blink for a few seconds.
When the image recording is completed, the power will turn off

Use a fully-charged battery pack (p.24).

The battery performance might have degraded. See the [7 Battery
] menu option to check the battery’s performance level (p.268). If
the battery performance is poor, replace the battery pack with a new

If you keep displaying the Quick Control screen (p.44) or do Live View
shooting or movie shooting (p.151, 171) for a prolonged period, the
number of possible shots will decrease.

Auto power off is in effect. If you do not want auto power off to take
effect, set [5 Auto power off] to [Off].

The card is not properly inserted (p.32).

If the card is full, replace the card or delete unnecessary images to
make room (p.32, 215).

If you try to focus in the One-Shot AF mode while the focus
confirmation light <o> in the viewfinder blinks, a picture cannot be
taken. Press the shutter button halfway again to focus, or focus
manually (p.40, 80).

Slide the card’s write-protect switch to the Write/Erase setting (p.32).

The access lamp still blinks even when the power switch is set to <2>.

The battery becomes exhausted quickly.

The camera turns off by itself.

Shooting-Related Problems

No images can be shot nor recorded.