70 ambience settings – Canon EOS 60D User Manual

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Shoot by Ambience Selection


Ambience Settings

(1) Standard setting

Standard image characteristics for the respective shooting mode.
Note that <2> has image characteristics geared for portraits and
<3> is geared for landscapes. Each ambience is a modification of
the respective shooting mode’s image characteristics.

(2) Vivid

The subject will look sharp and vivid. It makes the photo look more
impressive than with [Standard setting].

(3) Soft

The subject will look softer and more dainty. Geared for portraits,
pets, flowers, etc.

(4) Warm

The subject will look softer with warmer colors. Geared for portraits,
pets, and other subjects you want give a warm look.

(5) Intense

While the overall brightness is slightly lowered, the subject is
emphasized for a more intense feeling. Makes the human or living
subject stand out more.

(6) Cool

The overall brightness is slightly lowered with a cooler color cast. A
subject in the shade will look more calm and impressive.

(7) Brighter

The picture will look brighter.

(8) Darker

The picture will look darker.

(9) Monochrome

The picture will be monochrome. You can select the monochrome
color to be black and white, sepia, or blue.