Canon EOS 60D User Manual

Page 41

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Basic Operation

Turn the Mode Dial while holding down
the Mode Dial lock-release button at the

(1) After pressing a button, turn the

<6> dial.

When you press a button such as <f>,
<R>, or <i>, the respective
function remains selected for 6 seconds
(9). During this time, you can turn the
<6> dial to set the desired setting.
When the function selection turns off or if
you press the shutter button halfway, the
camera will be ready to shoot.

Use this dial to select or set the AF
mode, drive mode, ISO speed,
metering mode, AF point, etc.

(2) Turn the <6> dial only.

While looking at the viewfinder or LCD
panel, turn the <6> dial to set the
desired setting.

Use this dial to set the shutter speed,
aperture, etc.

Mode Dial


Making Selections with the Main Dial