Canon EOS 60D User Manual

Page 287

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Troubleshooting Guide

If you use flash, the shutter will make two sounds each time you shoot

On the Quick Control screen, check the [Custom Controls] setting

If the card’s writing speed is slow, movie shooting may stop
automatically. Use an SD Speed Class 6 “

” or faster card. To

find out the card’s read/write speed, see the card manufacturer’s Web
site, etc.

The movie shooting will be terminated automatically if the file size
reaches 4 GB or if the movie length reaches 29 min. 59 sec.

Both icons indicate that the camera’s internal temperature is high. If
the white <

> icon appears, the still photo’s image quality might

deteriorate. The red <E> icon indicates that the Live View or movie
shooting will soon be terminated automatically (p.152, 173).

If there is a drastic change in the exposure during movie shooting, the
autoexposure stops the recording until the exposure stabilizes. If this
happens, use manual exposure.

Movies edited with a personal computer using the provided software,
etc., cannot be played with the camera.

The shutter makes two shooting sounds during Live View shooting.

The camera button/dial’s function has changed.

Movie shooting terminates by itself.

During Live View and movie shooting, a white <

> or

red <E> icon is displayed.

The movie sometimes freezes momentarily.

The movie cannot play.