Canon EOS 60D User Manual

Page 61

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C Creative Auto Shooting

(3) Drive mode/Flash firing

When you press <0>, the drive mode and flash firing setting
screens will appear. Set as desired and press <0> to finalize the
setting and return to the Quick Control screen.
Drive mode: Turn the <6> dial to set it as desired.
<i> (Low-speed continuous shooting): Shoot continuously at a

maximum of approx. 3 frames per second (fps).

<Q> (Self-timer: 10-sec./Remote control): When you press the

shutter button, the picture will be taken after a 10-sec. delay.
See the notes for “Using the Self-timer” on page 82.
Remote control shooting is also possible (p.126).

* You can also set the drive mode on the LCD panel while the Quick Control

screen is not displayed. Look at the LCD panel, press the <R> button,
and turn the <5> or <6> dial to set as desired.

Flash firing: Press the <U> key to set it as desired.
<a> (Auto flash), <D> (Flash on), or <b> (Flash off) can be