Instruction book for the singer sewing machine, For treadle machine owners, Enjoy sewing – SINGER 1263 User Manual

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Instruction Book for the

Singer Sewing Machine

For Treadle Machine Owners

To adjust your machine for treadle sewing,

loosen hand wheel knob A by turning it toward
you with the right hand while holding hand wheel

with the left hand.

Place both feet on the treadle as illustrated. Turn

hand wheel over toward you, allowing your feet to
move freely with the motion of the treadle. Prac­

tice this motion until you are able to start and

keep the machine in operation with the hand

wheel turning toward you. Remember that the

faster you operate the treadle, the faster the

machine will sew.

W h e n y o u h a v e

. J i |\



to the treadle motion,
tighten the hand wheel

knob by turning it away

from you. Place a


piece of material under


the presser foot and


lower the presser foot
lifter. Now operate the

m a c h i n e ( w i t h o u t

t h r e a d ) u n t i l y o u



to guiding the material.

Enjoy Sewing!

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