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4. Zig-Zag

Pattern Stitching



Setting Selectors

Before turning selector, make sure needle Is out of
the fabric.

1. stitch Pattern Selector

With your sewing machine you can do two kinds
of zig-zag stitching: plain zig-zag ^ and blind-
stitching j . The pattern selector, located on the

control panel, controls stitch selection.

To Select Pattern

• First make sure needle is above fabric.

• For plain zig-zag stitching, slide pattern selector

level to ^ .

• For blindstitching, slide pattern selector lever

to 1 .

2. Needle Position Selector

Most of your zig-zag stitching will be done in centre


needle position.

Left i. and right


settings are used for spe­

cial stitch placement.

3. stitch Width Selector

To produce a plain zig-zag or a decorative stitch,
the stitch width selector is moved from its straight

stitch position I to any of its other four positions.

The further you move the selector toward the right,
the wider your stitch will be.