Getting ready to sew, Choosing and changing accessories, Changing presser feet – SINGER 1263 User Manual

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2. Getting Ready to Sew

Choosing and Changing



Disconnect the power line plug from the

socket outlet when changing needles, feet, or needle

plates, or when leaving the machine unattended. This

eliminates the possibility of starting the machine by

accidentally pressing the speed controller.

Changing Presser Feet

• Raise needle to highest position by turning the hand

wheel toward you.

Raise presser foot.

1. Press toe of presser foot upward as far as it will go

until it snaps free.

2. Centre the new presser foot under the shank A.

Lower the presser foot lifter so that the shank fits

over the presser foot pin.

3. Press presser foot screw down firmly until foot

snaps into place.