Buttons, Sewing on a button – SINGER 1263 User Manual

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Most flat buttons can be sewn quickly and easily using
the zig-zag stitch.

• Pattern: Zig-Zag

• Needle Position: i»



• Stitch Width: i | | [f| ^

• ^itch Length: 0

General Purpose Needle Plate

• Snap-in Feed Cover

• Button Foot

Sewing on a Button

• Set your machine up according to the code above.

• Mark position of button on garment. Place garment

under foot. Align garment so that the button is
directly under the foot. Lower the presser foot to grip

button centrally.

1. Turn hand wheel very slowly toward you until nee­

dle point aligns with hole of the button. Adjust zig­

zag stitch width, if necessary to permit clean entry
of the needle.


Continue turning hand wheel one complete

revolution and observe that the needle point is pro­
perly positioned to enter the other hole.

• Take SIX to twelve stitches.

• Remove garment from machine. Pull threads to un­

derside of garment and trim.